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Window Tinting Shellharbour - All Residential & Commercial Buildings

With over 20 years experience, South Coast Tinting is your local Shellharbour Window Tinting expert for all building types. Whether you have a commercial office with large window coverage or a house that only needs a small amount of tinting, we have a team of dedicated experts that can install the highest quality tint to give you the sun protection that you need. We stock a range of products made in the USA that offer a manufacturer's warranty & are widely acknowledged as being the best window tinting in the industry.

Home / House Window Tinting Shellharbour

Window tinting for homes is one of our specialties. Once installed our premium quality tint ensures the comfort of your family & protection of your home from the harmful effects of the sun. If you want to keep your house cool in summer, reduce glare & improve privacy, South Coast Window Tinting are your best choice for quality window tinting in the Shellharbour area.

Like most of Australia, we in Shellharbour receive more than our fair share of sunshine. Houses & occupants alike can suffer from many harmful effects of the sun. Temperatures can become unbearably hot, glare can become an issue & the interior of your home inevitably fades under the UV rays.

Window glazing goes some way to avoiding these problems, but if you want to feel truly comfortable in your home & protect your investment, residential window tinting is the most effective option.

Maximum Protection While Retaining Your View

South Coast Window Tinting understand that different people need different levels of protection. While we maximise the elimination of harmful effects, our products retain all the benefits that the sun provides. Modern technology is such that tints can now protect your home without necessarily darkening it. This means your window views are unhindered & your home still receives the benefits of natural light. We have a full spectrum of light to dark home window tinting options that allows you to control how the sun will affect your home.

Window Tinting Offering Style, Privacy & Protection

Our comprehensive range of home window tinting also enables you to select a shade or colour that will complement your the design & decor of your home. This way you determine the ideal balance between visual appeal & protection. Not only will our home window tinting improve the look & appeal of your property, it will also greatly increase privacy. While others will have difficulty looking in, your view out needn't be affected. There is also an option to stengthen your windows with a safety or security film which lessens the chance of damage from accidents, wild weather or intruders & helps guard against the shattering of glass & injury.

Commercial / Office Window Tinting Shellharbour

All buildings with windows are susceptible to the heat, glare & UV extremes of the sun. The exterior of commercial buildings & offices often contain a high percentage of glass & so the associated problems tend to compound. Heat & glare leads to reduced workplace performance & UV rays cause furnishings near large glass surfaces to quickly fade. Our Shellharbour office window tinting service will keep temperatures down & staff happy. By regulating the heat this way you can also save considerably on energy bills while also reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

Large glass surfaces are a feature of modern buildings & while this ensures plenty of natural light entering, it also creates heat, glare & security issues. Buildings with large areas of glass have a tendency to heat up extremely quicky which leads to increased air conditioner usage & expensive electricity bills. Glare can also be a problem, particularly in offices where work stations are fixed & glass will always present a safety / security risk. South Coast Window Tinting can solve all these issues.

Reducing Your Energy Bill & Carbon Footprint

Our high quality office window tinting can prevent up to 79% of external heat entering your building, which greatly reduces your air conditioning running costs, effectively paying for itself within a few years with the reduced energy expenses. Our window tinting is eco friendly & helps you to reduce the environmental impact of your commercial building.

Improved Office Comfort

The installation of window tinting will make your office a more comfortable place to work. Tinting helps to regulate temperature throughout a building, prevent harsh light entering & reduce glare on computer screens that can negatively effect productivity.

Enhanced Security

A safety or security film over your office windows helps maintain their structural integrity & makes them far less likely to shatter. This has the dual benefit of decreasing the chance of breakages & injuries & also helps to secure your building from break-ins.

Stylish Internal Office Privacy

We offer a range of window films that provide privacy whilst still allowing light to enter. Ideal for conference rooms, offices & anywhere that privacy is needed. This film not only ensures privacy but has the advantage of being able to become a stunning design feature within your business premises. 

Best Window Tinting Shellharbour

Whether you are installing office window tinting, home window tinting or UV protection window tinting, we use only the best tint in the industry. The USA are recognised as the leading manufacturers of window tinting products in the world & we supply the best in the business. South Coast Tinting stocks 3M, Johnsons, MEP, Bekaert & Suntek, each of who provide written manufacturer warranties. Many cheap imitations exist on the market & generally don't offer warranties, prove to be ineffective & a waste of money. If you want the highest quality film installed by an experienced, professional team we are the Shellharbour window tinting experts & your best choice.

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